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To travel like a local & unwind like a goddess

When you travel or come on a retreat with me, I will have you feeling like a super star from beginning to end!


I absolutely love travelling, I mean most people do right? But for me it is more than just going on a holiday, sitting in the hotel and ticking sights off of my bucket list.

Those things are great, but I want you to feel like you have really visited that country. I want you to be filled up from within by the warmth of the local people, the ancient cultures and traditions, to learn how they live a life filled with love, happiness and gratitude regardless of the balance of their bank account or size of their house. To be humbled by the generosity of others and that feeling of unconditional love you feel when you are welcomed into someone's family home to drink tea or have lunch.

All of these things fill my heart with so much love and happiness, it could explode! My dream has always been to facilitate ways that people can travel with purpose. To take away memories that are priceless, but I also want you to shower yourself with love and happiness. I want you to feel as good as I do when I see the beautiful smiling faces of people who are just so excited to have you spend your afternoon with them. That is happiness to me and that is the essence of what makes life so special and precious.


Your absolute comfort and safety is always priority and I would never put you or myself in any form of danger. Our accommodations are also of an incredibly high standard, as is the food. 

But if you cannot look past someone's poverty to see their raw, pure loving heart, then you probably won't like travelling with me. Consider this, maybe this is the challenge you need? 

Rachel xoxo

Upcoming Events

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18 - 23 November 2019 | FIJI

Escape & Rejuvenate Retreat - FIJI 

Escape for 5 nights of bliss in incredible Fiji. The magic of these incredible islands will fill your heart with gratitude and love as you are pampered with an indulgent massage, delicious food, mindfulness, tai chi, unique cultural experiences and incredible sunsets in an a breathtakingly beautiful setting. 

"Rachel was an excellent facilitator and provided an environment where we were able to relax and feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the opportunity to try new techniques to meditate and food appreciation.


Would love to attend another one. If there was a weekend retreat, I would be interested in attending."

Louise / Mindfulness & Meditation Weekend Workshop September 2018

"Being an older lady, I found Rachel to be an engaging young woman who provided an environment that was friendly, welcoming and relaxing. She discussed topics on mindfulness, meditation and how important it is to take time out for yourself. Looking forward to do more classes and to attend one of her fabulous retreats."

May. W / Mindfulness Session

February 2019


Are you looking for a mini-retreat, in your own home for about an hour? I can help you achieve that too! Reiki has so many benefits that will have you floating on a cloud after just one hour! 

What is Reiki you ask? Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that assists to promote self-healing. When you are run down or your energy levels are low, then you are more likely to get sick, depressed or feel stressed. By simply taking time to give back to yourself and to receive the beautiful energy of Reiki, you will feel so much better, even after only one hour! 

So let me pamper you with loving and self-healing energy in your own home, on a mini-retreat. And to make it even better, until the end of June, I am going to do it for FREE for Gold Coast & Brisbane residents! I love free sh*t and I love making people feel amazing, so I have decided to share the love with you all and giveaway free Reiki sessions over the next few months, no tricks, no catches, just an hour for you to relax and unwind. 

What are you waiting for? Avoid major FOMO and book your session now!!

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