Vivid Coconut has been created to facilitate retreats and workshops for busy and worn out women. We design retreats and selfcare packages that carve out space for you to tap back into your awareness & consciousness, honouring the beautiful soul within. 

In today's fast paced lifestyle & with the saturation of social media, we often forget what it means and feels like to slow down, stop and just breath. Our minds are often filled with responsibilities and the 'must do's' of every day life. But when was the last time you really took the time you deserve to honour yourself? When was the last time you surrendered yourself?

At Vivid Coconut, we facilitate retreats and time where you can stop, unplug and disconnect from outside influences and look deep within to reconnect with what is really most important to you. We cater for single travellers, mother's & daughter's, sisters, friends or private groups. 

When creating Vivid Coconut, Rachel Hodder was wanting to offer women more. She wanted to create a space for women where they felt supported, uplifted, where they knew and celebrated their value and abilities, where they are proud of their individualism and wanted to be the best version of themselves. We achieve this state of awareness and consciousness by offering:

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Tai Chi

  • A safe & welcoming space

  • The freedom to be yourself & feel emotions

  • To be comfortable & confident with who you are & who you can be

  • Time for reflection

  • Selfcare

  • And most importantly, happiness, love & laughter!


That is why each one of our retreats, workshops or products have been created with the modern woman in mind. Our accommodation facilities, catering, workshop content and products have all been sourced, selected, created and tested by Rachel. 

We also offer a range of handmade soaps & body oils. Each one of these products have been thoughtfully crafted and created with the needs of women in mind. All of our products are created based on influences by the woman in each country we visit. When possible, we include the same natural oils, rituals and techniques used by these women for hundreds of years.