Vivid Coconut Retreats

When you join us on retreat you immediately step into a safe space where you are always welcome. Whether it be in Australia, Fiji, Bali or anywhere in the world you may join us, these spaces are where you will your worries at the door and leave feeling at home within your self & in your soul.

Come and renew your spirit for life. Nourish your mind, body & soul with tai chi, mindfulness, awareness classes, fresh food, spa treatments & great belly laughs. Unleash your inner passion for life again as we guide you through different techniques that are designed to heighten your self awareness & bring a sense of balance and peace back to your life. 

Vivid Coconut Retreats have been created with you in mind. We saw that although there are so many retreat options out there, something didn't quite feel right for us. Whether it be the price, the balance of activities, the food options, location or the feeling that the groups were very exclusive. So we decided to create something where everyone would feel comfortable and welcomed. No matter if this is your first retreat or your 50th.


You will notice that none of our retreats offer Yoga. This has been done very deliberately. Firstly, we are not Yogi's and secondly we believe there are plenty Yoga retreats out there. Although Yoga is a great practice, we understand it is not for everyone. Instead, we offer you the very gentle practice of Tai Chi, gentle stretch classes and meditation. 

Our retreats are also secular and have no affiliation to any one group. Meaning that no matter your religious beliefs or background, everyone is welcome to join us on one of our retreats.