Green drinking coconut

Coconut water is the clear delicious liquid from inside a young or juvenile coconut. Young coconuts are green in colour and are about 6-9 months old. A mature coconut is covered by a brown husk, this is fully removed to reveal a dry fibrous shell which is rich brown in colour [Read more..]


We have all been or know someone who has fallen victim to a tummy bug or illness whilst travelling. It starts off as an innocent chicken sandwich whilst out sightseeing, then the next thing you know you’re hugging the hotel toilet bowl.

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I want you to feel that raw, open feeling of unconditional love. I want it to surround you with its wide open and warm embrace. I want you to let go and fall into a blissful state of relaxation. I want you to honour yourself and all of your amazing talents. I want you to experience my Fiji [Read more...]