Let Go & Glow

Retreat - Fiji

10th - 15th February 2020

5 nights/6 days

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This retreat is a gift just for you to relax, restore & rejuvenate as you Let Go & Glow in beautiful Fiji. Release your fears and step into your power by welcoming more love & joy into your life through self-care, self-love and delicious pampering with the loving energy surrounding Valentine's Day.

Red Flower

Are you ...

...feeling over-committed to others?

...sick of not having the confidence to be yourself? 

...ready to turn your worthy-o-meter up and blast it off the Richter scale? 

...ready to live a life filled with passion and enthusiasm? 

...open to cultivating new tools to create a happy, healthy & positive life?

...ready to experience the greatest love story ever told? Even if I told you it was with yourself? 

Then our Let Go & Glow Retreat - Fiji with Rachel Hodder is exactly what you have been waiting for!! This retreat will have you loving yourself unconditionally, celebrating you, your inner goddess and all of your awesomeness within. And here is how...

Floral Arrangement 2
Floral Arrangement 2

Gaze out over coral reefs teeming with marine life and beyond over the Pacific Ocean. The warm sun & cool sea breeze caresses your skin as you let go and relax. Sink your feet into the sand as you sip on fresh tropical fruit juices & cocktails. Indulge in delicious meals and local favourite dishes lovingly prepared for you in this tropical paradise.


Tension and stress will melt away as you indulge in luxurious massages, dive into the waters of the beautiful blue lagoon abundant with marine life and watch the sky change colours with incredible sunrises and sunsets within the 100 acres of pristine tropical rainforest surrounding your private room.


Privacy, exclusivity and incredible natural beauty will have you feeling completely relaxed during this retreat. It is time exclusively for you to Let Go of all of that is no longer serving you, as you Glow from within and bask in your new-found inner peace and confidence.

Your heart will swell with gratitude as you are guided through heart cleansing Meditations and Mindfulness exercises, carefully curated workshops around letting go of fear, choosing love and happiness, turn up your worthy-o-meter and surrendering to your passions and purpose in life.  

Finally, envision the laughter, joy and unconditional acceptance you will find within yourself and share with all the other beautiful, inspiring, compassionate and spirited women who’ve joined you for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

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A Retreat with Vivid Coconut & Rachel Hodder is different & here's why...

Not a strict health retreat - rather we offer an overall wellness experience for

your mind, body & soul. You will enjoy yummy meals, desserts, snacks and drinks,

combined with laughter, wine and cocktails! 

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Balance - the perfect balance of mindfulness, meditation, gentle exercise,

workshop sessions, fun and relaxation is our number 1 priority. This is your experience and we encourage you to listen to your body & what you need each day. If you'd rather sleep in or swim in the pool, I want you to do just that.

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Culture - Fiji is so much more than crowded resorts and kids club. The       

people of Fiji are really what makes it so special. From the moment you arrive you are welcomed with a big Bula & into the peoples hearts like a member of a huge family. 'Bula' is more than a greeting, it is part of the incredible spirit and aura that surrounds these islands. Here you are free from judgement and the people really epitomise unconditional love, which is exactly the feeling I want you to achieve as a result of attending my retreat. Having lived in and been travelling to Fiji for over 14 years, I want to share with you an incredible heart warming and loving experience like no other.

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Floral Arrangement 2

The Accommodation 

Guest rooms.jpg
Guest rooms entrance.jpg

Located in the Central Division of Fiji on the main Island Viti Levu. Nestled between two beautiful bays amongst a tropical paradise, we have secured one of the most exquisite boutique resorts on Fiji's famous Coral Coast. 

An outstanding swimming pool looks out over the incredible ocean. Hidden amongst 100 acres of extensive tropical gardens, a stunning white sand beach and blue lagoon. This part of Fiji's Coral Coast is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and spectacular snorkelling & diving. This is one of the only white sand, blue lagoon experiences available on Viti Levu.


Our accommodation is at an exclusive adult only boutique resort. The staff will ensure the famous Fijian friendly hospitality and smiles accompany you throughout our retreat, from cocktails served by the pool through to fresh delicious meals catering to most dietary requirements. 


Unwind in the hot tub, enjoy a relaxing massage, snorkel the blue lagoon, kayak out over the gentle waters or relax by the pool with a good book. Our accommodation will have you feeling blissfully relaxed and glowing from the inside out.  

There are two room types available for this retreat, the Standard Room and the Executive Suite, we offer your choice of either a single room or twin share. If you choose the twin share option please be aware this resort only has king size beds and you will be required to share a bed with your roomie. 

Guest rooms bed.jpg

Standard Room

Beautiful, stylish and modern accommodation set in a peaceful & serene location. These rooms are well-appointed with amenities you would expect in a large resort.  Features king bed accommodation and outdoor sitting areas surrounded in tropical gardens.

Facilities: Outdoor seating, air conditioning, opening windows, satellite/cable television, tea and coffee making facilities & daily wi-fi access.


$2,300 single

$1,870 twin

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Guest room executive.jpg

Executive Suite

Nestled in tropical gardens, the Executive Suite is the perfect retreat to unwind in a stunning, private setting.  These suites are furnished for comfort, offering spacious indoor sitting areas with loungers, large flat-screen televisions and an outdoor seating area.

Facilities: Outdoor seating, air conditioning, alarm clock, desk, hairdryer, opening windows, refrigerator (bar size), satellite/cable television, tea and coffee making facilities & daily wi-fi access.


$2,430 single

$1,940 twin

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The Cuisine

Start the mornings off right and wake up to a fresh tropical continental breakfast over looking the beautiful pool and surrounding gardens. Breakfast examples consist of cereals, eggs, fresh fruits & juices, yoghurt and pastry's, accompanied with tea & coffee.

You will enjoy a variety of indigenous Fijian, Indian and Western dishes expertly created by local chefs that will excel your expectations. Meals will enjoyed together in the restaurant, on the sun deck, by the pool or even on the beach!

One lunch and one dinner will be enjoyed outside of the resort to allow you the opportunity to try something different and to explore more of Fiji and what it has to offer.

Fiji is a food lovers paradise, you just need to explore and experiment. With cultural influences from India, Britain, China and other South Asian countries, this has resulted in an incredible rich and diverse local cuisine.

Fresh Seafood - Unicorn fish, parrot fish, mahi-mahi, lobsters, tuna, cray, crab, mussels, sea urchins, sea cucumber, octopus and prawns are plentiful throughout Fiji.

A personal favourite, Kokoda, a ceviche-like dish of raw fresh mahi-mahi fish marinated in lime, coconut cream, chilli, onion, and tomatoes, then served in a half coconut shell.

Seafood is usually served fried, in soups, steamed, gingered, curried, or marinated. Accompanied with rice, roti, fresh salad, sea vegetables, cassava or taro chips.

Fresh grown produce - Locally grown fruits and vegetables are delicious and plentiful. Most are seasonal, but there’s always something ripe and ready to enjoy.

Local fruits & vegetables include:

  • Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, mandarin and orange

  • Melons, guava, avocado, bananas, coconut, pineapples and papaya

  • Passionfruit and sour sop (tastes like a combination of pineapple and banana or papaya).

  • Breadfruit is bland and potato-like but excellent fried and as a side dish.

  • Cucumber, greens, pumpkin, carrots, French beans, English and Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, okra, eggplant, cauliflower, and zucchini

  • Fijian vegetables; Bele, rourou, karamua, saijan, boda, and dhania

  • Duruka – Often called the ‘Fijian Asparagus,’ the unique Fijian vegetable duruka is actually the unopened flower of a cane shoot (closely related to sugar cane)

  • Taro - is a centuries-old staple. Fijians prefer to steam taro and use the leaves too, cooked in coconut milk where they taste like collards or spinach.

  • Cassava is the most cultivated and consumed staple crop in Fiji. It is either boiled until soft or fried into chips, and eaten with stews and curries.

Treats -

Fiji has many delicious sweets and desserts, it might be hard to pick just one! A local favourite is Vakalolo - This tasty Fijian pudding is also known as cassava pudding. It combines fresh cassava, coconut and ginger drizzled with coconut cream and sugar syrup. It's delicious! One of my favourites is Topoi, the best way to describe it is it's like a scone with coconut that's boiled. Best enjoyed with fresh butter and jam, amazing with a big cup of tea. 

Plus an endless choice of Indian inspired sweet and desserts like Milk Barfi (drooling!), Gulgula and Boondi Ladoo to name a few.


Cocktails -

This retreat is all about you and being nice to yourself. If you feel like sipping a Pina Colada by the pool (and getting caught in the rain?) then I believe you should do that. And thanks to Fiji's tropical climate and fruits, they can knock up some of the yummiest cocktails using fresh and local fruits. Imagine after a morning workshop sitting down to a an icy cold Passionfruit Mojito or a delicious rum cocktail made from Fiji's own Bounty Rum? Tropical Island Bliss!

The Pleasures 

“Love yourself. Enough to take the actions required for your happiness. Enough to cut yourself loose from the drama-filled past. Enough to set a high standard for relationships. Enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy manner. Enough to forgive yourself. Enough to move on.” – Steve Maraboli


YOU are incredible, YOU are beautiful, talented, amazing, capable, strong, WORTHY, powerful and courageous. But have you been reminding yourself of this lately? Are you living like the incredible strong & courageous woman you are? Don't you think it's time you do? During this retreat I am going to show you how to look in the mirror and see you for who you really are and it is going to be EPIC! You are going to go home so deeply in love with yourself that you will not have time for any one who mistreats you or behaves poorly, because honey, you're a QUEEN and you deserve to be treated like one. 

The good news is, it's actually not that hard to love yourself. In fact, it is one of the most natural things to do. We are beings of love, we ooze it, give it, radiate it. But for some reason over the years, you started to believe nonsense negatives things about yourself. You neglected yourself, your relationships, children, work and career, negative experiences and family commitments distracted you. Then all of a sudden you have become so over-committed to others and their needs that you and your needs have been pushed right down to the bottom of the priority pile. Well I am sorry (not sorry) to say, those days are well and truly over!! It's your time to shine and I am going to help you make it happen!

Revitalising Spa Treatments

Indulge in not one but two luxurious spa massages. In harmony with the natural beauty and the spirit of Fiji, you are invited to take time out for tranquillity.

Two luxurious spa treatments await you, your body and your deserving soul. A total body experience for deep relaxation & wellbeing. Feel replenished, uplifted and create an experience of wellness for your mind and body.


These massage will leave you feeling pampered and energised as you are cocooned in locally produced, pure coconut oil infused with essential oils. Experience the therapeutic powers of carefully selected essential oils in a relaxing restorative massage that combines your sense of smell with the healing properties of touch. This signature spa experience captures the spirit of nature, designed to transport you to a place of complete relaxation. Be prepared to feel AMAZING!

Additional massages and spa treatments can be organised for you at your request and own expense.