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Why come on retreat with us?
Are you wanting to have an unforgettable experience?
Are you yearning to do something just for you?
Are you ready to change the way you view life?
Have you always wanted more from life but didn't know what or how to find it?
Are you ready to honour and love yourself?
If you answered yes to one or all of these, then we are ready to help you awaken your awareness and guide you to living that joy every day! We know that at times day to day life can feel a little dull or mundane. Work and family pressures can start to feel like a heavy weight to carry and we begin questioning what we really deserve. The good news is you do deserve it and you are allowed make the conscious choice to feel and be happy every day.
At Vivid Coconut we are a little bit nutty, we laugh at ourselves, we embrace our imperfections, we are brave and we have a lot of fun. But most of all we create a non-judgemental zone where you are safe to be yourself free from criticism.
If you like the sound of being around a group of like minded women, in beautiful locations throughout the world, then we invite you to join us on one of our retreats!
Fiji november retreat.png

Escape for 5 nights of bliss in incredible Fiji. Let the magic of these incredible islands fill your heart with gratitude and love as you are pampered with an indulgent massage, delicious food, mindfulness, tai chi, unique cultural experiences and incredible sunsets in an a breathtakingly beautiful setting. 

Escape & Rejuvenate Retreat -
Fiji 18-23 November 2019